Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The OJ Pre-Dance Protein Smoothie!

      I promised more posts, didn't I? This is my all-time favorite smoothie to make at home (if I had the option, I'd be at Jamba Juice everyday) and it's the perfect snack before dance!
      I'm going to preface this by saying that the reason I'm not using any fresh fruit right now is because I'm allergic to things like srawberries, rasberries, etc. So this is the easiest smoothie for me to make, especially when I'm in a hurry. I do eat lots of other fresh fruits, just not necessarily in my smoothies.
      My parents used to make this smoothie for me when I was really young with a lot of honey and ice, so it was more milkshake than smoothie. I've always loved the flavor, so a while ago I started to play with the ingredients to see if I couldn't make it a little bit more suitable as a healthy snack.

   You'll need to begin by making sure you have all of the ingredients. Most of these are things you would have around your house anyway. For this smoothie you're going to need orange juice concentrate(I use he kind with added vitamin C), plain or vanilla yogurt(I usually use greek, but we were out), milk, any kind of powdered supplement or superfood(mine is from Whole Foods), and honey to taste.

   I like to start with about a cup of yogurt, though right here I'm using a little less. I don't really measure anything in this smoothie.

   Then add a couple big spoonfuls(about 2 tablespoons?) of orange juice concentrate and around a 1/4 cup of milk.

   Last but not least, one or two heaping spoonfuls of your supplement of choice, and honey to sweeten if desired.

  I'm using the Cuisinart Smart-Stick to mix up my smoothie, but you can add ice and use a normal blender or food processor if you have one. (We do have a real blender, but I'm lazy and the stick is easier to clean.) This should make about 12 ounces of smoothie, but feel free to add or subtract from that size.
The supplement and lighting discolor it a little, but I promise it's orange.

    Especially if you're using Greek yogurt, this smoothie has a ton of protein, along with enough carbs to get you through a good class. It also tastes great when you add fresh or frozen pineapple. :)
I hope you enjoyed this post, there's a lot more to come, and let me know what you think of the smoothie!


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