Monday, August 18, 2014

Fun Photo Shoot Tips! And a new series.

Hello again! I actually have a real post this week. I know, shocker, right? I loved my time at Ballet West Academy's summer intensive. The summer weather was gorgeous and the scenery was beautiful. But I'm happy to be back.

 About halfway through the summer, my friends and I decided to have a full blown photo shoot, and the results were amazing. Honestly, it's incredible what an iPhone camera can do. So I'll share a few pictures with you all today! If you want to see more cool pics, Check out my Instagram account.

Tip #1: Location
Find the most interesting, cool, scenic place around and shoot there, if possible. If not, go second best. Try to pick a place that has interesting lines that won't distract from the ones you plan on making.

My friends and I chose a really neat bridge in the area for one location. 

 Tip #2: Lighting
Lighting is key to any picture. We've all seen what happens when the flash goes off and turns a great family photo into a roomful of red-eyed weirdos. That said, if it's too dark, the picture won't work either. We decided to take pictures outdoors, so we really just used sunlight. In my experience, sunset or early morning are the best times to take pictures.
Tip #3: What to Wear
Wear something simple that you feel great in. Your most flattering leo with some black tights. A cute wrap skirt. Printed leggings. Just make sure that whatever you wear stands out from your background!

 Tip #4: Candid Camera
I am not usually a photogenic person when I'm trying to be. This picture thing only works for me when it's natural. So don't turn off the camera while no one's posing. Sometimes the best photos are spontaneous.
Totally candid. I promise.

    So I promised you all a new series, and it's one that I've been working on for a while, so don't worry about a lack of posts coming up. I'm calling it my Back-to-Dance Series, and it will include some dancewear tips, quick pre-dance snacks, and my daily school/dance routine. I might try to squeeze in a video at some point, but for now I would plan on checking back here every week for more new posts! 

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