Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Back-to-Dance Must Haves!

Hey guys! I told you I'd be back. This week I'm going to share my must haves for the new season with you all, some of this stuff I got for Ballet West, but most of it I've accumulated through the last year or so, and used it up. All of these things I will definitely repurchase! So I guess lets get started!

 So first things first, I need to have a stretching and conditioning routine. If I don't have it laid out, it won't happen.
This wristlet is by Vera Bradley, and can be found here.
 The nest thing I need to have is a good sized wristlet. I carry around epi-pens and an inhaler at all times, so this transfers nicely from my backpack to my dance bag. It also holds my phone and a few dollars.

I am a shoe snob. I am always looking for the best fitting, most comfortable, most flattering shoe that I'm allowed to wear, and so far, these are the best I have found. My jazz shoes are Bloch Phantoms, a stretch-canvas shoe with a suede patch on the ball of the foot to make turning easier. I have them in black right now, but I'm ordering some nude ones for performance season as well. My ballet shoes are Grishko Model 6s. I think they're the performance style, but I'm not sure where you can find them online. I love those because they have elastic in the arch, which make my feet look much better than they are.

I also need my Pointe shoes and Pointe accessories! I like to start the year with at least 2 pairs of new shoes, because I go through them so quickly. Right now I'm wearing Suffolk Solo Prequels, in a 5 XXXN  with a soft shank.

To go along with my shoes, I need to have jet glue, rosin, and toe pads! I've found, actually, that most people don't like to wear toe pads. I guess it's a pride thing? I don't know. I personally am not too proud to admit that I feel pain, so I'm not giving up the Ouch Pouches anytime soon!

I love these band-aids! I don't actually wear them while I'm dancing, but they are great for wearing around the house or to school (because those are the only places I go) and healing your blisters! The only thing about these, is that I don't necessarily think they're worth the money.  I think I remember them being about $6 a piece, and they only have 6-8 bandages per box.... I wanted to try them out, but I don't think I'm desperate enough to repurchase them.

Last but not least, my foot lotion, Icy-Hot, and foot Rubz ball. I'll start with the ball. The thing is awesome! I do not have plantar fasciitis, but my arches do get really sore, so I spend a lot of time rolling them out. Especially after a long night at the studio. The lotion is great for the same thing, and it feels soooooo refreshing! It's full of peppermint oil, so it smells and feels great! I usually shower, stretch, roll out my everything, put lotion on my feet, pull on fuzzy socks (finish my homework), and go to bed. The Icy-Hot is awesome because it really works. It doesn't pull off any miracles, but it provides enough relief for me to get through that dreaded conditioning class or 3 hour pointe rehearsal. Kevin Semans, Ballet West's resident athletic trailer told us that while Icy-Hot, epsom salts, and Tiger Balm don't have any real benefits, they don't hurt you either, so if you think it works for you, go ahead!

I hope to have some video up soon, but for now I'm just posting on here. If I upload anything, I'll definitely let you guys know! Have a great week and don't forget to comment below and tell me what your back to dance must-haves are! If you have any video suggestions, I would love to hear those too!

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