Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Expectations for the New Season and Summer Recap.

So, my first day of school was today. I'm a Junior. It was pretty crazy (I go to a really big school), but it still kinda feels like the calm before the storm. The hurricane of confusion and flood of homework are going to come blowing in full force next week. I'm not really looking forward to that.

My "getting ready for school tomorrow" face.

I am, however, looking forward to starting a new level of ballet classes in a couple of days, and the new performance season in a few weeks!

My studio has a recreational program as well as an intensive program. I was in both intensive 8 and 9 last year, this year I am just in 9, but with elective technique classes on other days of the week. Right now I have Sundays and Wednesdays off for homework (and supposedly a social life :p), but I know that with performances and additional rehearsal I'll probably end up being there 7 days a week at some point.

Also, in addition to my studio's ballet company, this year I'm doing the jazz/contemporary company as well, to expand my performance opportunities and modern training. I'm not really sure what I'll get out of it yet, but my friends are there and I like the piece that we started last week, so I think it'll be fun.

An early morning at my studio with some Starbucks!
I suppose all in all I had a great (short) summer. I worked at my studio, went to Ballet West, added Utah and Arizona to my list of states I've visited, saw the Grand Canyon, visited family, and worked at my studio some more. An enjoyable 2 and a half months.

The Grand Canyon. I would have been much
more excited if I wasn't scared of heights.

 My fall back-to-dance essentials in the next post, and my goals for the fall session later next week! (Expect a surprise in one of those two posts!)
In the mean time, check out What Should We Call Ballet on tumblr! I don't know who runs it, but it is beyond hilarious, a must see for all dancers, especially bunheads.
Talk to you guys later,

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