Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hey! Long time no see(or write). Between school, Nutcracker, and holiday busy-ness, I just haven't had time to update you guys. But now I have something! It's not really a big something, but it's a little something to hopefully make your day a little more interesting. So this year in my studio's Nutcracker, I was Clara's mother, marzipan(reed-flute, shepherdess, or candy canes depending on your studio) and the Sugar Plum Fairy. It was awesome-amazing-fun and torture at the same time. Our professional videos always take forever to get sent out, so I had my friend tape my variation backstage. You can hear her and one of my other friends being amazingly supportive the entire time I was onstage. When I first saw the video and heard them I almost cried. I don't think they know that. I have a very strong bond with the girls I dance with.
Come back soon!

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