Saturday, March 9, 2013

(Belated) New Year's Resolutions

                 So, New Year's resolutions... This is a bit late, but it will still serve it's purpose. (Especially if you've already given up or fallen behind on your resolutions.) New Year's resolutions are the promises that we love to make, but rarely ever keep. Well, I'm not really a big fan of the "I'll never ______ again" resolutions. Those are way too easy to forget, or make excuses about, or just give up on. So instead, I make a list of the things that I want try to do or achieve before the new year ends. So I'll go through my list and maybe give you all some ideas about how you want to do yours.

  1. Fight procrastination- On school work, dance projects, cleaning my room, whatever.
  2. Plan ahead more often- Yes, sometimes spontaneous is good, but it always helps to be prepared. this is one of the things I neglected to do when I first attempted to start this blog last year. It takes more time and effort than I thought it would.
  3. Eat healthier- More salads, less cookies, less skipping breakfast, more protein and calcium. As a dancer, my body is an instrument, and I need to make sure I take good care of it.
  4. Get my full middle split- Sometimes it's as simple as having a goal.
  5. Start networking- meet new people, travel more, work at my studio, talk to dance instructors and choreographers, start put my name out and performing more.
  6. Design(and create) a costume- Just for fun.  :)
  7. Polish my left double pirouette- It needs to be done.
  8. Donate something to charity- Nuff said.
  9. Clean my room!
  10. Write a short story- I had a really cool idea while I was dreaming a month or so ago. It could be cool to write about it just for fun.
                               These are my goals. Dance Spirit has some great tips, too, you should go check them out:  Dance Spirit: How to Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet .   The new year is a great time to set goals, but if you would rather you can make this list on your birthday, in the fall before the dance season starts, or any other time. I have a friend who does this once a month, and she crosses off the goals that she's achieved and moves on to her next set of priorities. It's really just the principle of the thing. 
                            My biggest resolution is really just about this blog. I want it to be a real thing, a place where people can actually go if they want advice, or funny stories about dance class. So I'm going to try to post at least once a week, regularly, on Saturday evenings. If I can get enough people interested, I will do more than that. So like, follow, share, visit, whatever you want to do, and I'll be back here next week to share something else.  :)

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